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Our Nursery
  • We are situated within the grounds of Gamecock Army Barracks in Bramcote in Nuneaton. We offer care and education to children from six weeks to five years, and we can offer the free entitlement to 2 year olds, and 3 & 4 year olds.

  • We have been running as a pre-school and nursery since 1994 and occupy the ground floor of the Cygnet Centre Building.

  • We are run by a management committee.

  • We were last inspected by Ofsted in March 2017 when the outcome received was 'Good'.

  • We work together with parents, health visitors and other professionals to ensure the children in our setting are getting the best help and encouragement we can give to enable their development to progress at their own individual pace.

  • Before your child starts at Peter Pan, home visits are arranged so that we can get to know children in their own environment. This has proven to be very successful as children have settled in much easier. Also inductions are arranged so that the individual needs of the children and family are taken into consideration.

  • Each of our children have their own key worker who keeps records of their progress and development and ensures that individual children's needs are catered for in the activities that we plan.

  • Whilst at Peter Pan your child will be introduced to a wide range of experiences, we have a dentist where the children can visit as part of a group and are shown the importance of good hygiene routine for their teeth and what is best practice so that their teeth stay healthy. Our children are able to hold and try out the equipment in the dentist surgery and role-play being a dentist and patient first hand.

  • We have a temple and a church on-site where the children can experience what it is like inside each one and compare different cultures and religions.

  • We have a mobile library that visits regularly where children can select books to take back to their room so that they can share and look through them together.

  • Children are taken on regular walks around the barracks where we have a large field for flying kites and playing ball games or having picnics.

  • All of the above experiences can be achieved without going off-camp within the safety of the barracks.

  • All of our staff hold paediatric first aid certificates which is renewed every three years and have attended training regarding Safe Guarding Young Children.


Meet The Team 

Safety First!

All of our staff hold paediatric first aid

certificates which is renewed every

three years.

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