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Nursery Classroom

The Nursery Room is for our 2 Year Old Children

Our Nursery room is for our 2 year olds.


It is a warm and stimulating room where children learn the importance of routine and boundaries.  They can explore and enjoy resources and areas that have been prepared to enhance their learning and development. This includes:-


  • Sensory skills

  • Toilet training

  • Social skills

  • Self help skills for feeding and drinking

  • Imaginative play

  • Art and crafts

  • Adult led messy play


In this room we will prepare the two year progress summaries in readiness for your child’s 2 year check with the Heath Visitor.

We have a calm sleeping area under the canopy with approved floor mats where our growing toddlers can rest.

The toddlers also have access to their own garden with a play area resourced with hobbit home with lots of toys and aparatus to climb on, ride on and crawl under and make music with. As well as their own growing area.

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