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Baby Room

The Baby Room is for our 0 - 2 Year Old Children

Our baby room is for our 0-2 year olds.


It is a warm, inviting and cosy environment where the babies feel safe and loved. This room is filled with holistic and sensory area’s where babies can explore, play and develop under the close supervision of the nurturing staff.

We understand that leaving a baby in the care of others can be a very upsetting and stressful time for parent. Our Staff understand this and endeavour to make sure that all parents feel comfortable, happy and safe in the knowledge that we have taken the time to listen to your requests and ensure that we can carry them out during our session.


Our babies sleep in a relaxing and cosy environment with sensory or classical music playing quietly, this enables them to drop off to sleep peacefully and enjoy an undisturbed rest in their cots.


The room is designed and laid out to encourage all the first stages of development, this includes

  • Speech and language

  • Crawling

  • Walking

  • Develop sensory skills

  • Exploring textures

  • Music

The babies enjoy outdoor play in their own garden area where they can enjoy some fresh air.

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