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Forest School

Our Forest School forms a vital part of our children's learning journey. All children in Nursery and Pre-School are automatically subscribed to the Forest School when registered at Peter Pan. 

Each week classes pop over to the 'Forest', guided by their certified Forest School Leaders, all Ofsted registered, to explore the wonders of nature.

In Forest School your little one will be able to learn about the natural world and explore while they: 

Look for bugs, build dens, create leaf art, listen to stories, run up the hilly mound or roll down it.

There's plenty of open space to run and hide. 

The entire area is safely surrounded by newly planted hedges.

Our Services

Forest Hut

Private Parties




Childminder Membership

Tues or Thurs


School/Club Hire 




Our Forest School is available to hire for parties from 1 Jul 23.

We will also be offering Childminder memberships for term weekly sessions, and school/club hire from 1 Sep.

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