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Pre-School Classroom

The Pre-School Classrom is for our 3 - 4 Year Old Children

Our Pre-School room is for our 3-4 year olds. It is an inviting and stimulating area where our pre-school children can explore and develop at their own pace.


Our children are encouraged to be independent by giving them the opportunity to select resources of their own choice throughout the session. This includes:


Free flow system between indoor and outdoor

·         Self-resourcing Art and Craft area

·         Access to toilets

·         Snack bar

·         Malleable

·         Sand & Water

·         Book area

·         Small world

·         Construction area

·         Role play area

·         Graphics area

·         Maths area

·         ICT


In addition to the above, we have a library service so that children can take books home and enjoy them with their families, Dance and movement, Listening and attention group, small group time activities and singing time. The mobile library visits regularly so that children can select a range of books to look at in the class rooms.


Every July we hold a graduation celebration for the children who are leaving to go to big school.

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